It Had to Be Banamon

Oh god, not again. 

Right on the heels of pissing off Muropanako and most of the BiS fandom, THE BANANA MONKEYS have a whole new music video and… wait a second, didn’t they just release one? What is it with my designated idols and releasing multiple MVs in a short space of time?

Anyway, let’s watch.

That was… surprisingly not that weird? For THE BANANA MONKEYS I mean. But compared to the absolutely bonkers and uncomfortable Hamigaki and Nihonmukashi Banana Shi, this one was actually fairly ta-

Oh wait. There’s still 4 minutes left.

What the-!?

I- um… excuse me?

Okay, never mind, this is weird and dumb. But… I actually love it?

As someone who finds those “____ without music” videos funny as hell, watching the entire music video (mostly) without any background music, led by pure chaotic ambience… it was so awkward that I couldn’t stop laughing.

Well played, Banamon. Well played.