Wagamama Rakia Will Release a Sincerely Big-ass Album

Being a Fancy Idol Blogger in the year 10 AB* means keeping up with the latest technologies to follow an ever-moving industry. This is fine. Notifications via various media are the only way to keep it all together. Where this becomes a problem is when you’re clearing up said notifications in a hurry and see certain phrases and OMG WHAT’S THAT! happens.

Such was the case on Sunday morning, as I cleared out a round of various performance schedules and RTs of fans’ effusive praise and the like and saw “Starting Over” dead center on a new tweet from Wagamama Rakia. I of course panicked (who wouldn’t?) and assumed the worst (the only rational reaction) and wondered aloud which of the current three members would be part of the new regime and all.

Then I bothered to actually look up the message in question and saw that, Oh, that was actually just the name of their one-man with the kind-of-new lineup, and it’s like their new theme:

There are new things (outfits! tour!) and that’s all exciting, but also this new album of re-recorded work from their history, a release that can only be described as “ginormous” if I’m to keep a straight face. I don’t even care that it (at least currently) is only old stuff! Wagamama’s legit as hell, and if they want to retcon their history a little bit and consider this right-now era their fresh start, so bless them.

Frankly, this will be the album to get if you’re a newer fan, would like to be one or just happen to favor Osaka idols (points at self). Now let’s see if anybody can top a 16-song record this year!

Bonus points if the title of this post gave you flashbacks:

*After BiS, naturally

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  1. A post about a group I like that isn’t breaking up?? Seems rare these days. Will have to order this in when I get a chance.

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