The Last Original Monkey Is Escaping, God Help Us All

Maybe it’s a cliche to say, but this is truly the end of an era.

Tenka no Chanyuki, the last original member of THE BANANA MONKEYS, their lyricist, and twitter shitposting champion, is graduating next month.

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The Tale Of How Banamon Ruined Christmas (For Real This Time!)

Man, remember how THE BANANA MONKEYS managed to interrupt Christmas Day last year with a music video documenting Mozuku and Tenka’s previous attempts at getting some poor suckers on board with their shenanigans? 

Things seemed to take a slightly more normal turn this year when they delivered a Christmas broadcast to rival our very own Queen’s speech; that is, until you notice that they seemed to be a member short.

Indeed, immediately after the broadcast ended, we were treated to this bit of festive news; Mozuku, one of the longest-surviving monkeys, has jumped ship and retired from entertainment, effective immediately!


Come Get This New One from THE BANANA MONKEYS

Hey you guys! While I am not the Official Banana Monkeys Correspondent, I am the Official Editor in Chief When I Feel Like It, and in such a capacity it is sometimes necessary to fill in for the official correspondents. So it was yesterday when Kerrie exclaimed “something something Banamon something something” and then found other, more useful things to do with her time. I felt tht there was plenty to all that something something to warrant a Something, and so here we are.

So: Hey, check out this new song that Banamon did!

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Idols Were Descended From Primates, Confirmed

Last time in the ongoing soap opera that is THE BANANA MONKEYS, they gained two chimps, lost one, and… actually, that’s pretty much it. Seriously! I guess after Belle Delphine stole their bathwater idea and got more fame from it, Banamanagement felt a little discouraged.

Oh wait, they just released a new music video. Never mind!

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Um… What?

The beautiful thing with THE BANANA MONKEYS is that they never fail to stress out and confuse me.

Translation by the wonderful Pat below:

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Banamon Again

So, it’s come to this. After promising three consecutive music videos in the leadup to the release of their new single, the conclusion of the Nani-mono trilogy finally came out today. What kind of note will it end on? A somber one? Something shocking? Or epic? Well…

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It Had to Be Banamon

Oh god, not again. 

Right on the heels of pissing off Muropanako and most of the BiS fandom, THE BANANA MONKEYS have a whole new music video and… wait a second, didn’t they just release one? What is it with my designated idols and releasing multiple MVs in a short space of time?

Anyway, let’s watch.

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As Good an Effort as Possible to Work through the New Banamon MV

I was initially going to talk about my recent discovery that Banamanagement, are indeed, Mad Lads. But then their newest MV came out and erased everything I wanted to say on the matter.

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THE BANANA MONKEYS Called a Thing a Possible Reason for All The Turmoil Stuff

“There’s new Banamon” read the message, and my teeth set like that emoji that you send when somebody tells you something that’s befitting a “wew lad” but you don’t want to dignify it by typing that much. There were more posts to blog, I thought to myself, than this site’s latest favorite whipping-idol, and the Weekender exists for reasons, and why am I even worried about this, it’s a Ker– oh, Kerrie’s got other things to do, okay. Well, I may as well … oh okay!

So. There’s news from THE BANANA MONKEYS! Some of it involves people, and some of it involves the things that people create. Let’s invert that proposition and start with the thing, which is music, which is actually also the lede, so here you go:

“Whisky Children”!

You want lyrics?

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The Festive Tale Of How THE BANANA MONKEYS Ruined Christmas

T’was Christmas afternoon, the household was merry

In the living room sat a bleary-eyed Kerrie

As she waited for turkey she seemed ever-chipper

And she opened her laptop to check daily Twitter

“I don’t need to write, maybe I’ll stick the telly on”

But then she saw, the cursed tweet from Banamon

“We have a special gift from us monkeys to you,”

“A music video, almost brand-new!”

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