Is It Bonpara Time?

I don’t know, man, but I think that maybe the reconfigured Bonnou Paradox — up to a member strength of five, including dualing harsh vocalists — might be ready to make a bigger splash in the scene. To whit:

Do you pronounce “U’n'” as “Un” or “uh-nuh” or /deathgrowl or something

Here are the lyrics, which read well enough but also encapsulate everything that drives me crazy about Japanese writing:

Bonpara is such a strange unit for me. I mean, they aren’t strange in the way that I’d usually describe an idol project; this is more of a exactly-what-is-this-and-how-much-do-I-like-it thing. In fact, in a lot of ways, they always felt like as logical an inheritor of Guso Drop’s (very) general legacy as much as anybody, from the sound on down, and might be in a position to pick up that mantle if they could gain good traction and build the same hardcore wota cult around themselves. There are differences, of course — there always will be — and they’re in a very clouded, saturated loud idol world in which many, many units (including Burst Girls!) want to do the same thing, but Bonpara has always felt like they had a great combination of factors working for them.

Their first one-man is happening in March:

Make some waves, Bonpara. Make the year yours.

2 thoughts on “Is It Bonpara Time?

  1. I think that they really have a shot at something now. With the restructure the weak singers are now gone. Misato has moved to harsh vocals. All the other girls have pretty strong voices. It think they are about to move up in the idol hierarchy. But then I have always liked them since the very beginning.

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