Zeikin 5% Bring You a Tax Increase You’ll Be Thrilled To Pay…

I stumbled across 税金5% (Zeikin 5%, or “Tax 5%” *) well over year ago on Twitter, and starting following the group, intrigued by a whole lot of potential demonstrated in a small sample of super-short clips of the member’s practicing. But frustratingly, nothing more than these scattered videos ever materialized, and more puzzling still, it appeared that the group was in a consistent state of membership chaos. New faces would appear, then go away, and ultimately the group appeared to essentially evolve into a solo act by a young lady named “Mimo”, who at one point described herself on her profile as a “Fuck’n Idol”.

Well, with the turning of a new year, nice new surprises have come! Zeikin 5% has recently dropped not one, but two honest-to-goodness MVs, and I’m thrilled to let you know that some truly special greatness is blossoming here. The video descriptions describe the group as a “Rowdy, Anti-Social Punk Rock Band”, and dammit that’s all we could ever ask for…

The group(band) has also dropped a couple of great live clips on their YouTube page, and it’s clear to see that Zeikin 5% is a pretty fun time for the family. Attend one of their shows, and chances are good that Mimo will force you to hold her mic while she cranks out some raw rock n’ roll. (Also, I couldn’t help but notice that she uses a Guitar Wolf guitar strap, so extra points there!)

Currently Zeikin 5% appears to have landed a new bass player, and Mimo mentioned on her Instagram that the group is seeking out a drummer, so maybe a real locked-down line-up will materialize in the year to come!

Lastly, I’d say it’s a fair question to ask “Is this idol?” and the best I can say is “Yes and No”, and does it really matter in the classic sense? (My interpretation of Zeikin 5%, is that they want to be a punk band utilizing idol tropes.)  YLMM!, Screaming 60’s, Hanako-san, the whole entire concept is a big, fluid free-for-all at this point and I believe that’s a great thing for all of us. Idol, band, Idol-band, tomato, tomatto. I just know I like it and want to support it!

*By the way, 5% is the average tax rate for Japanese citizens. 

4 thoughts on “Zeikin 5% Bring You a Tax Increase You’ll Be Thrilled To Pay…

  1. Actually 5% was the sales tax rate, which went up to 8% and has been due to go up to 10% for ages but they keep delaying it to keep winning elections. I wish my income tax was only 5%.

    • Oops, my bad. I had read somewhere that the tax rate was around 5% for certain income levels but I likely got the context all wrong. And I did think 5% was rather low.

      There’s a very-early live video of this group (When they were simply a rather straightforward coed punk band.) where the description contains a short and humorous rant about their hatred for a tax increase, which I’m thinking may refer to the 8% you mentioned. 😀

      • There is a 5% income bracket but the income level is so low it’s basically impossible to earn. It’s less than 1.95 million, which is about 1065 yen an hour on a full time job, which is none of them. That wage is only really available for baito, which only high schoolers and part-timers have any chance of achieving.

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