Oshi Digest #19: Sanctissimum Malorum

This week’s Oshi Digest was delayed slightly to allow for more wonderful on-topic Oshi content to reach the interwebs

You may have heard that I got to meet Oshi. In “person”. Like, shook hands with Oshi. I presented her with the crown that she so richly deserves for having smote so many foes:

But Oshi had plenty of adventures that had nothing to do with yours truly; in fact, I was but one of many supplicants, and possibly the most forgettable sight of them all!

Like, if you can do Salt Bae, you will not remember Maniac:

If you stay in total luxury as befits a queen (of the damned), you do not remember Maniac:


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Our offerings in Seattle took on a distinct hue:

The person who brought Chicken Biskits? Total star

Then it was on to San Francisco:

I was told that all of these roses were pink until Oshi took them in hand:

I think that Oshi is amused by my country, which is good, because it does help to have a sense of humor about it most of the time:

Of course, if we were ever to truly offend her, existence would blink out in an instant and we’d find ourselves in that screaming eye-ripping-out hell void from Event Horizon, and we aren’t there yet, so.

Oshi says, Merry Christmas!

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