In No Way Will This Friday Fun Backfire Spectacularly

These are some beauties right there!

This week’s fun is brought to you by Brexit!

Yes! Brexit!

Let’s not go too into depth about the chaos that’s engulfing my very own country right now. Actually, let’s, because that’s the theme of this week’s Fun!

Okay, not Brexit entirely. But that’s certainly the most relevant topic to me as of writing.  Maybe you come from somewhere else. There’s lots of political and social commentary to go around! And as we distract ourselves from the horrors of 2019 with idols, you may find they’ve started to merge. Yes. Politics is now idol. This might get heavy. I’m regretting it already. 

This week, you’re going to talk about current events as if it’s idol! Idol announcements, political firings are now “graduations”, Donald Trump is Watanabe etc. etc. This week’s hashtag is #CurrentEventsAsIdolNews. Have fun, everyone!

(Extra Kerrie disclaimer: This Friday Fun was written before the news of the tragedy in New Zealand broke out. Please refrain from making any jokes at the expense of this incident)