Your Homicidols Weekender #122

Oh my Bob, it’s finally the weekend. You guys. My dog.

Of course, though, the last few days had to be cruel just-early teases of spring, and now it’s chilly and rainy and I have to hop in a car to visit people I’ve never met before and then come back, so it’s less whee-this-is-fun than really-I-just-want-to-chill-a-minute. At least idol was interesting again this week! And if we’re really lucky, we’ll start to see even more movement in the next little while. Debut season is coming up, and while these things do tend to move in cycles and last year was absolutely excellent for new groups, I’m betting that we’ll wind up with plenty of things to be excited about even if we can’t keep the same kind of banner-year pace.

And just in case you don’t simultaneously follow idol, this website and major American amateur sporting events, the Corenament will kick off this week. It’ll be … well, different. You can only go to the same well so many times, you know? To prepare, I encourage you to think about those things that you really, truly love about your favorite idols and maybe what their best look to the rest of the world might be, and how you can mobilize people to support your favorites. It’s going to be weird and stupid no matter what, but hey, two out of three past winners have been big surprises, so let’s keep the trend moving.

Go play the Fun, too, and try to have the best time that you can. We only get a weekend once every week!

You can’t possibly be ready for Yanakoto Sotto Mute covering their pals in NECRONOMIDOL:

Kai found her true spiritual home:

Here go do this:

The tweet says one thing, but it’s actually JyuJyu:

BiSH doing some, uh, thing?

I think the WILL-O’ members may be appearing in more MVs of other acts than their own these days:

It’s not just WACK that’s having epic auditions — French idols Amaitsuki are at it, too!

I thought you might like this bit of Qumali Depart:

Go listen to, and possibly acquire, some Kaishin no Ichigeki:

Seeing this makes me really wish that I could buy SKIRMISH’s on vinyl from the death-smelling longhair at the flea market as part of a “buy 5 get six” promotion that confuses everybody, but nobody else has a selection of early 80s-era hard rock that’s half as good, so you bite the bullet and accidentally buy one too many Meat Loaf records, too:

Mass graduations from RIOT BABY!

Go buy stuff from Kerrie:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Bury, who I really wanted to do a full post on for this but realized that I had little say except HEY GOOD FOR YOU KIDS!

(It’s their first full album release, is the thing.)

More people should dig on Bury. Perhaps this live clip will sate your curiosity:

Bet you didn’t see this one coming:

The new avandoned in action:

Haruka’s got a one-man lined up:

Honey Emperor deserves better than this crappy live shoot:

We officially can’t call the new PIIIIIIIN new anymore:

We’re losing a HIMEGOTO ZETTAICHI, too:

Try to have as much fun at work as Atarashii Gakkou no Leaders:

Frankly, I’m kind of spent with all of these REGiNA KiSS MVs:

There’s a new unit coming from the fine people at Blue Forest, and the name is hilarious if you’re a perpetual teenager like me:

Also a new member for BURST GIRL:

Dig this new one from IVOLVE:

Enjoy Watanabe with his shirt off:

Have a great weekend!