Lein Is Actually Better Than Ever

This is another instance of my being completely willing to just post the thing and let it stand on its own, but check it, ever since Lein ended her little quiet time, there’s been this heavy, pregnant feeling around whether ending the quiet time was going to mean doing, like, more music and stuff again. Her stuff is always polarizing, sure, but let’s consider the fact that those poles are People Who Like Good Things vs. People Who Don’t Like Good Things and concede that, like, everybody should be able to dig this weird act on its merits.

So yeah, Lein’s fully back, but also having significantly stepped up her game:

Which is not to say … which is not to say a lot of things, actually. Let me start over: Lein’s back and, in our acknowledging that her work is improved, is showing far greater technical chops and a more tuneful ear. Is it still weird? It is! Is it half as challenging as previous work, in any way? In all the ways! Here, you get Lein’s spirit in a nice, clean, digestible package, and I get the feeling that she doesn’t feel as if she’s compromised anything in the exchange: She just got better at executing.

Let’s get her thoughts. Lein?

Fascinating. At any rate, while I’ll always love her most vintage works, I’m glad that she did this. Now somebody figure out how to get this girl on a U.S. tour!