I’m Unreasonably Happy about This New GARUDA Track

Not to be outdone by her friends / other project and their ever-ongoing chunks of new material, Yuffie, the idol who in her solo moments dons the guise of GARUDA, the only outright industrial idol* has another song ready for our ears, though our ears may not be entirely ready for it:

It’s probably only about half of the actual song, and I’m just bursting. Industrial idol ha s been achieved. Imagine the “STUPiG” flesh monster, only fallen into ruin, only progressively more machine than idol, only lacking whatever vestiges of physical humanity remained. Please, Yuffie, continue down this dark post-human trajectory. Tease us with visions of a world fraught with the merger of human and machine, of the flesh turned heavily metallic, of pains and pleasures unfathomable to most modern minds. Give us rust and decay and filth!

Also shoot more video, and find time to release a full album of this stuff, and make sure that it’s readily available to gaijin, and priced to sell. I need to be able to mainline this kind of thing.

*That I know of