Even Unfinished, This New Wagamama Rakia Song Is Really Nice

Well I’ll be a monkey’s uncle; the normally digital idolcore-esque Wagamama Rakia are recording again, likely because they’re so digital idolcore-esque as to very literally suck up ex-members of defunct groups of a similar type who also happen to be their best friends, and adding to the roster usually means that it’s time to make more material lest the wota start to do other things with their money. And because they’re recording again, Wagamama Rakia, bolstered by the strength of Layna’s arrival, are able to give us a little update!

There are translated lyrics in the description!

The mix, as they say, is rough. And that, as I say, is fine, because that is one very nice rock-oriented idol ballad, though calling it a ballad is misleading in spirit, given the lyrics and all. It’s the kind of tune that I think about every time I see Babyraids JAPAN talk about “emotional idorock,” which I want to further portmanteau into “emoido,” which sounds terrible when said out loud and should be banned.

But! New song, rough cut, Wagamama Rakia. They say that they’ll have more to announce about the obviously impending release a little way down the line, and that’s cool, I’m in no hurry. Whatever it is, it could even have another track like this one on there as long as everybody involved pinky-swears to have at least one number that sounds like a mixing board playing back the sounds of its being hit with a hammer.