I’m So Disturbed by This That I’m Possibly Breaking My Own Rules

Okay, first, I know what I said about the no-bands thing, and I still mean it. But I wouldn’t be here if I couldn’t appreciate the genuinely FITH, and neither would you, and this has to be the weirdest roll-out I’ve ever seen out of anybody, and listen to this song:

This Soundcloud demo medley is certifiably all over the goddamn place, and that’s just fine:

That’s Moebius Band 29A (Twitter – manager), who began infecting the Internet about a month ago and are immediately rising to challenge Necronomidol for the title of Twistedest. And that’s great; life needs more soul-evaporating darkwave-meets-black-metal-meets-idol. And, judging by the little member narratives (all in English!) published as the video component of the above, they’re actually a band (that includes a robo-program-synth thing member, I dunno). Also, I didn’t expect that the members would all be under the age of 15, nor that their themed motivations would include everything from “I wanna rock!” to repressed sexual perversion, but here we are.

Anyway, putting that stuff aside, their Facebook page says all of the right things. And maybe the band thing is more a put-on and they’ll only perform as idols and then I can work in more of their music (#ChuuniGore?). Or maybe I need to finally bite the bullet and start to include BAND-MAID.

8 thoughts on “I’m So Disturbed by This That I’m Possibly Breaking My Own Rules

  1. I’ve seen this name before, they always pop up in all of my social networks lol.
    But, why they facebook page looks like some of those anime shitposting pages.It’s pretty fun-almost-bizarre that they’re social media post things such as “best waifu in za warudo”

    • When I first spied them on Facebook, I was very confused. “Oh, okay, a bunch of cosplay models, that makes sense.” Because that kind of makes sense. But then I realized that it’s their manager just kind of doing whatever until the group came together.

      It’s so weird!

  2. As the manager calls them “最も邪悪なアイドルバンド”, i.e. the most evil idol band (first tweet), I think you’re in the clear to consider them for the site. 🙂

    Can’t check FB currently as I’m getting a “Sorry, something went wrong” message.

    Not too keen on certain bio descriptions (the sexually repressed ones), but perhaps it will work out in the end and they’re actually older than their bio says. (Sometimes the Western part of my mind takes over)

    It took me one listen on my tablet to decide I liked the sound of it. So to my delight there is a download button for Delusions and now it’s added to my media collection.
    The first part of Delusions would be a good album intro, while the last half of Delusions fits as an album ender. Definitely something I want to hear more from and I definitely want to hear chuuni wails over a black metal sound.

  3. What are you doing to me….

    First Kiminoseida, then Tsurezure, then Bokurano…AND NOW THIS?! I guess I should be thanking you for showing us all some awesome bands we would never have heard of otherwise. (^_-)

    I really wanna hear the vocal style of a standard song first, but I think this could be the gateway to Necroma for me. They seem to have more going on musically in their songs than the Masters of the Outer Dark, which is a major plus. I tend to like music that forces you to pay attention to it, rather than fade into the background.

    Again, great find, I’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for their single.

  4. I’ll just point out that the guy’s Japanese isn’t great (or rather, very unnatural), so I don’t have much hope that this is actually Japanese, that the purported members actually exist, or that there’ll be any live shows ever.

    Would be happy to be proven wrong though.

    • That is my fear as well. (That the members don’t really exist… )

      Normally you’d see tweets about auditions or tweets by (already chosen) members (whether through their own accounts or through the staff account). None of that.

      I’m with you that I’d love to be proven wrong.

      • Man, you guys are making me agree with this notion, and that makes me sad.

        And then I think to myself, who would put together something like that, and then I realize that I actually kind of know who would, and that makes me even sadder.

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