I’m Mostly Curious about How Others Are Taking the New Babymetal Song

Oh neat, did my kvetching actually accomplish something?* You may have been caught up in the furor earlier today when a new Babymetal song (“Distortion!”) briefly appeared on YouTube before being taken down. Not fast enough to discourage a few quick-fingered downloaders, apparently, as it was the opposite of difficult to track down over the past several hours.

At Tokyo Midnight, though, Amuse pulled the trigger and gave us the first significant new Babymetal in well over two years:

It may surprise you to know that I, an avowed fan of Babymetal whose introduction to “Megitsune” was literally life-changing, a person who started an entire website about idols who make loud music, like the song. The video is whatever (though now we know who “the Chosen Seven” are, kind of); the song is extremely idol. Like, if not for Su-metal’s distinctive voice, one could be forgiven for hearing a Ladybaby or even HALOPERI Doll or the like. That chorus is both the most Babymetal and best thing about the song, a hook that could pull your brain all the way out through your ear.

That being said, it definitely isn’t what I thought was going to come out first, and it definitely isn’t what I thought would be the release immediately ahead of an international tour. I can also see how the more metal-first segment of Babymetal’s membership might think it’s less than good, or how people would mostly scratch their heads about an MV in which Trio Babymetal doesn’t appear (save for their voices). So what’s your take?

One thing that I will add: If this is effectively a theme song for the graphic novel, that’s a very interesting twist to the whole sage, innit?


6 thoughts on “I’m Mostly Curious about How Others Are Taking the New Babymetal Song

  1. Solid and promising. The chorus melody is very characteristic of them which is good because the fantastic sense of pop melody has always been their strongest property in my opinion. I also prefer this straightforward speed metal style to Karateish groove metal attempts.

    Certainly no mindblower but a good song that raises my hopes for the album high. You can sense vibes from both The First Album and Metal Resistance quite equally which is nice. I’m wishing for a perfect fusion of the previous albums’ best traits.

  2. It’s a fairly straight-forward song, but it makes me irrationally happy. It’s gonna be awesome live, and I think its geared towards that with it’s circle-pit tempo and call/response opportunities. The Hellraiser-meets-Mortal Combat MV hints at a world-building attempt with virtually unbridled potential and crossover opportunities : graphic novels, that anime finally, a rock opera? (why not) and mountains ‘o merch (seven more Funko pops to collect!). I would caution people from mistaking this for the main course when it’s really just an appetizer. We have yet to see the big picture. This is merely the frame.

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