CRY SIS Was Worth the Wait

Well, friends, Golden Week may have been a smorgasbord of idol that finally, mercilessly ended, but we’re off to such a hot start these last couple of days that I almost don’t know what to do with myself. I direct your attention to the most recent MV release that I actually set an alarm to check on:

That’s CRY SIS (Twitter). I have absolutely no idea why or when I started to follow them, or why I had them on my hot list, save to say that I’ve on several occasions kept them near the top of the queue simply because of their name. When they announced their first album, yes, I wanted to strike. All I had to do was wait! And what did I get? Vintage PassCode, which is best PassCode. Worth it.

These are the album particulars:

It’s surprising that there’s so very little available about them online, or as deeply as I’m willing to dig at 7:00 a.m. on a Tuesday. I mean, “cry sis” isn’t the easiest thing in the world to Google,* so maybe I just need to try harder next time or something. All I can really contribute is that their Twitter feed betrays a newer project that nonetheless is rubbing shoulders with chika royalty most of the time while presenting themselves more like a college song-and-dance club on a Saturday trip to the karaoke bar. Do I dig? Of course I dig.

You guys know me; on a personal level, I’m championing the weird and art-idol as much as anything now. But sometimes I want idol to straight up punch me in the face and call me names, and CRY SIS seems pretty eager to do that. If the rest of the album is half this frenetic, it should be a pretty good one.

*I just described half of idol, probably; go ahead and search “PassCode” as a standalone and let me know how that works out for you

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