If You’re in the Southeast This Weekend, Consider STARMARIE

Well, friends, while it may be coming to you late, I hope those of you within driving distance of HOTLANTA don’t have anything else planned, because idols of esoterica STARMARIE are making yet another U.S. appearance, this time at Anime Weekend Atlanta, and if I didn’t have half a hundred things to do I’d be considering it myself:

“But Maniac,” you say, “why would I do that? I don’t know them -slash- I know the name but am not a fan -slash- I have incredibly bad taste in everything and it’s amazing that I can feed myself.” And to you I say, that’s all well and good, but you really should go and consider it. STARMARIE used to be as reliable a thing to post on a Friday as the Fun, a long-running idol project that’s all about spooky stories and forbidden knowledge and dressing like they’re in Edwardian England. In other words, incredibly fun.

For instance, I bet they’ll play this, and you’ll love it:

You should go to the show, and get a cheki signed “Dear Maniac”!