Yajima Mai Will Bathe in Your Blood and Sound Great Doing It

You know that good things are afoot, and differences are being made, when folks start to excitedly ping you about a new thing before that thing has even actually happened. I’d been stoked about what was to come from the new Yajima Mai album going back to when I was still just traipsing after her and hoping that she’d get a good, solid break, there being clear and indisputable evidence that this young woman had all of the This and That that a performer needs to excel, needing only some good fortune.

Mai’s first full album, Vampiress, is just a month away, and today came the MV that validates all of that waiting and hoping:

I am so enthused about this. Mai always has great titles for her work; “LUNATIC ISOLATION” damn near could have been a Metallica song title (and depending on your point of view re: translations, very well may have been!); there’s enough gothic-flavored power metal flourish in this song to power the non-poisonous sun in a subterranean world inhabited by elegant vampires and their human thralls. Mai looks great, like the very Form of VK, and she sounds great, and hey look it’s like the best metal track released by an idol or idol-adjacent talent this year.* I’m glad that more people are coming aboard the Yajima train, but we need more.

Look at this art!

And go read this thing for a track list and whatnot!

I’m really excited for you, Mai. You’ve come a long way, and you still haven’t scratched the ceiling.

*Fight me

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