If You Wanted to Catch Yourself a BiSH Live, This Is a Good Chance

Go ahead and raise your hand if you’re a BiSH fan. Most of you, right. Good for you! Literally! Because at a typically inconvenient-for-outside-of-Japan time on Wednesday, they’re going to be doing a live on Nico Nico in honor of the release of GiANT KiLLERS:

It’s not even all premium, for once, though that doesn’t matter much to me because I insist on forgetting to cancel my subscription. But you can get in on the first half of the show (where they’ll only do the butt songs like “Summertime” and “Is this call??” presumably!)* for free, and then it’ll switch to the good stuff for subscribers.

You all should try to watch that, though. BiSH lives are freely available online most of the time, but, you know, not live.

*I kid, I kid. Those songs are butt, but the free/paid access thing is probably to hide the new music behind the pay wall while the CD itself is still getting into stores.