If I Could Give a Cool Fist-bump to PassCode Right Now, I’d Do It

I had hoped that PassCode would continue to do a very smart thing and have a fresh release ready for their series of shows with rock bands, and it looks like smart things continue to be decided, as a new single, “Ray”, will be hitting stores on May 23:

I like this. I like the cover art that reminds me of crossing up Massive Attack with Matthew Barney’s The Cremaster Cycle (enjoy). I like that it’s being timely without trying to be exclusive about it. I even like how they were apparently so pressed to make a press deadline that they couldn’t even decide on the titles of the B-sides for each version!

But am I hype? Of course I’m hype! While I think that the single is largely so that there’s a new product (and a bit of new music) for the Vs PassCode mini-tour, I also think that it’s a placeholder for a mostly new album to come later in the year, and that’s the piece that will probably determine if PassCode keeps the popularity (and opportunities) growing, or if their ceiling has already been reached.

I for one think that they have quite a bit of room left to grow into, and I think that we-B / Universal think that too, so while of course “Ray” and at least one of the B-sides will wind up on the speculated album, it will also be something of a trend-setter for the whole release. Take a few musical chances? Play with the formula a little bit? The title makes me think more sci-fi — or may the gods help us, transhuman — than cyberpunk, so a futurist take on PassCode could be really interesting*. Locus took the occasion of a mass re-release to reimagine some of what made Old PassCode so cool, and it was largely well-received, so maybe!

One month. I’m sure that the first clips will be upon us soon.

*This isn’t a guess; I’m just saying a thing