Your Homicidols Weekender #75

I just spent the past week doing the following:

  • Listening to Motown
  • Baking leek-heavy French pastries
  • Cleaning the ever-loving crap out of my house

Oh, and idols. Lots of that, too. Though let me say, the pastries have actually been the highlight. Leek sauteed in bacon fat with a bit of salt and pepper, mixed with cream and melted gruyere, then set up in a light pastry? Delicious. And today, I’m going to eat most of the stuff! It’s a happy time at Maniac Mansion, and I’m looking forward to a pretty solid weekend. I’m not a winery person, but the nearest stretch of Virginia is lousy with them, so.

Make sure that you enjoy yourself, too! I’ve been harping on spring for weeks, but it has in fact sprung; or, if it’s your autumn, you maybe have a few last decent weeks before your hemisphere’s version of winter, which I imagine is more like a terrifying shrinking of life from a cruel, unsetting sun. The point is, I bet it’s nice out, and you deserve to have nice things. So play the Fun (it’s a great one!), share your thoughts on this little doodad, catch up on the interesting week that was, and then put the best things in life ahead of idol for a minute.

That’s, Like, Incredibly Optimistic

XTEEN with a very important PSA:

The UK is now also getting Maison Book Girl for a quick tour:

This is not Attain Music at their best:

Is Shuuengo Buppan ready to re-launch?

Imagine being part of the Minna no Kodomo-chan experience:

There used to be a maxim in digital, that 90 percent of articles could be blog posts, and 90 percent of blog posts could be tweets. With that in mind, witness:

Are you ready for the return of Avandoned?

Wonder Lander unplugged:

The ongoing development of yandoll into a major unit is bizarre:

Very pretty, if tinny, work by Alive to Rainy:

Fun with colored contacts!

The ever-rare video of LuCiFeR:

Lee is doing great work on Sakipedia in English, if you didn’t know:

Reminder: BANZAI JAPAN has like 50 members, and they promote tourism:

Nodules will take Li-V-Rave’s Honoka out for a while:

Dang it, HAMIDASYSTEM, you’re too good to be putting out EPs of nothing but old music:

ayumikurikamaki released the international version of their latest MV:

It is through gritted teeth that I say, oh no, please don’t make me deal with this just to cover Shuuengo Buappan:

Fellow PiGU enthusiasts may enjoy this live clip of Cecil:

This Kika ish keeps getting weirder and weirder:


Have a great weekend!