I Love You. Now Go Get raymay’s Single

Well if this isn’t a post that happened quickly and with no real plan! But hell you guys, there hasn’t been a ton to write about this week, and I’d been meaning to make good on this one way or another ever since I knew about it, so here we go.

So raymay. You know, the little sister group of uijin’s that sounds like this and was either going to reveal the full extent of their awesomeness (or maybe just ambitions thereof) on this record, or would still leave us feeling pretty optimistic about their future because come on, “pulsar” is ridiculous. That raymay. The debut single is ready for digital download. And while I’d ordinarily just make that a Weekender thing, I’m not here because step one, do one of these things:

Now come agree with me.

Holy smokes does that make me happy! I wasn’t expecting such an all-out dedication to the heavier arts here, not from a uijin affiliate, and nonetheless that’s exactly what we got. They can dabble in as many genres cutting across as many tracks as they think is necessary to get their point across, so long as that point is “hi, we are heavy.” The only one that I wasn’t immediately totally in love with was “anyone”, and that’s as much because I have a predilection for running to and then running from petit pas!-sounding songs, only this one wasn’t derivative so much as tone-borrowing.

My only disappointment, which is a joke that was definitely going to be in the Weekender piece, is that “domination” isn’t a direct cover of this:

Next time, maybe

I’m really looking forward to what raymay has in store for us in the future, gang.