I Will Not Be Pushed Around, Not Even for NEO JAPONISM

You know what? Nobody (except Kerrie sometimes) tells me what to do. I am a grown-ass man with a grown-ass website and a grown-ass editorial approach that is nothing but grown-ass professional. I–

The joke’s on you, Martin! I’ve had a placeholder in place since the middle of January — it’s laziness alone that has prevented me from doing the thing that you said I should do, which means that, in most ways, you are not the one who is making me do it, but fate.

Anyway! NEO JAPONISM (Twitter). People have been a-twitter about them since their debut and immediate insertion into that Alloy chunk of the scene, given that they’re firmly on the higher quality end of the idorock spectrum and, like, had enough support from the start to debut with a one-man:

Soundcloud has been their favorite way to get the sounds out there; this was from a little while back:

get others

This one is the one that Martin was insisting on:

The closest that they’ve made it to an MV to this point:

Pretty neat, right? I don’t see them on a path to slaughter musical and cultural infidels or anything like that, but they’re running with this emergent neo- trend. I guess, sometimes, all you need to reinvigorate society is idorock.

One thought on “I Will Not Be Pushed Around, Not Even for NEO JAPONISM

  1. Haha.. thanks for posting, I actually didn’t link to any songs just their main soundcloud page.

    I saw them a few times and I really liked them for a couple of reasons, one they kinda fall into the a bit more pop’ish rock category where I would say groups like Baby Raids and PiiiiiiN (RIP) are/were. Second I really like the main singer she has a nice big voice and for some reason when you see her it seems like it doesn’t fit with the way she looks (I can’t recall her name but it’s NEOJAPO_yuu).

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