The Darkness of the Idol World … with Desu.Rabbits!

When last we saw Desu.Rabbits, they were planning a new single with some very interesting art. Yesterday, the MV landed … or should I say MVs! There are two of them! It’s … the title is really long but about the very title of this post, coming at you in two versions!

Dark version:

Light version:

Look at how little they were! It’s weird seeing the bunnies getting closer to being grown up; Emi’s almost the size of a full person!

Now, in addition to having only the barest smidgin of Japanese, I tend to have even less of it anytime I’m reading certain people’s messages, Bucho being one of them, so I’m not going to go embarrassing myself* by reading too much into the video content itself, expect to say that maybe Bucho’s playing with us a little bit. It wouldn’t be the first time!

I actually dig the song, too. I’ve always had mixed feelings toward the group regardless of which version of the “death rabbits” name was being employed, but the seriousness of their hardest-core fans won me over, and I can dig it. I can dig this. I even appreciate the earnest desire to pull off a Road to Budokan, because, as Denis Leary once taught me, you gotta have goals.

In the meantime, maybe Taiwan will do: