How’d You Like to Listen to a New BILLIE IDLE Single?

If you would, friend, have I got an opportunity for you!

Boy was I confused when the tweets around this started to come out last night. Had I forgotten that BILLIE IDLE had a single release on the way. I sure did! The first iteration+ of this post was, how you say, completely different. It wasn’t until looking at some less-than-recent history that I got squared away, and then only by accident. Good for my brain!

I will say that this isn’t the BILLIE IDLE that I signed up for. I like the “Ashita Ashita Ashita” BILLIE IDLE most of all, you know? Ballady BILLIE IDLE is all well and good (I won’t pretend that this isn’t a nice song), but it pales in comparison to Uika-screaming-through-her-fist BILLIE IDLE. Which came first? The tune, or Lui’s lyrics? Just looking for somebody to blame.

The single’s out on Feb. 6, insofar as it comes out at all, given that you can stream it from the above and also get it on OTOTOY. All that’s left is to wonder if the latest image change is a permanent one and if I should get used to seeing not the BILLIE IDLE that would hang out with the shop kids and smoke unfiltered Reds, but the BILLIE IDLE that’s begging dad for a ride to the sock hop.