NOMAKES Are Perfect for Your Easy Sunday Morning Listening

Good morning, gang! Did you know that there are forums on I sometimes forget myself! I had hoped that their creation would give us a place to share random things and chat about them and ask various questions, which does happen from time to time, but the platform hasn’t been a great success … except for when things like this happen!

Brian, the Supreme Nothing himself, is ever so good and getting into idol’s more interesting crevices and pulling out little gems, and he shared this lovely gift the other day. His intro profile of NOMAKES is a nice look at cool indie idols, and rather than hold out for Indie Idol Wednesday, I thought that you might enjoy having this for your Sunday adventures.

If nobody gives me credit for that sick Lionel Richie / Faith No More reference, I’m going to throw up

Check In: Yukueshirezutsurezure’s Canadian Tour

All right, team, as we know (and eagerly await!), the Idol Known in English as Not Secured, Loose Ends will be in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver in just a few weeks, and I know that more than a few of us are going to be attending at least one of those Next Music from Tokyo shows.

So! Let’s try to get a little organized. Who’s going to which shows? Who’s local vs. who’s traveling in? Where are people staying? How many chekis are you going to buy? Who speaks Japanese and wants to help out during buppan? Hell, do we want to go so far as to coordinate a gift? Continue reading

Two Weeks Before It’s Official, We Have Determined BiS’s New Membership

Folks, we had some legitimately magical irresponsible rumor manufacturing in the Official BiS Rumor Mill Thread, and today was the day that our collective mind reached a perfect distillation of speculation and insight to find the crystal-ball-itude necessary to determine just who exactly is going to be in the new BiS, as will be revealed through an audition training camp broadcast live in two weeks.

But we have the answer already, as determined by computer-generated mortal combat! Continue reading

We Have One Month to Make the BiS Rumor Mill as Hype as Possible

No matter how much Pour Lui and WACK insist that real-deal auditions are happening, every little hiccup in the membership of a BiS successor group or suspicious activity by a former BiS member sets off alarm bells all over the idolverse.

Let’s face it, the original BiS (all three major versions thereof!) was transgressive and disruptive by intent. And as we discussed on the A-to-J podcast the other night, idol has caught up to that influence; what’s disruptive now about BiS’s return to life is that it’s returning to life.

Which is not to say that it isn’t kind of a big deal anyway! We can speculate all day long as to why Pour Lui would do this and do this now, but what’s much more fun to speculate about is to just what the new BiS will look and sound and be like.

And per A-to-J Justin’s suggestion, I went ahead and made this thread in the idolcore forum specifically to gather bonkers idea-making about BiS. Continue reading

Let’s Talk about Sugartrap

Or, more specifically, I need people to tell me about Sugartrap. Their “Brute” (come on!) single is still fairly fresh, and they’re showing up in every feed I have.

There’s a ton of good stuff in that playlist, including the Eternal Beloved Psybou Kanojo

I set up a thread in the Idolcore forum (because that’s about as well as I can categorize them — dark EDM?); if you have info on this PassCode-meets-AKM duo, I’d be very grateful if you could share it there.

I Made You Guys a Present: Introducing the Homicidol Forums

Don’t make me regret this!

Just having observed some of the very long and very insistent discussions that happen in unexpected places, including fans sharing new material, I thought maybe it was about time for this element of the site that I’d always intended to stand up at some point, just maybe not yet. There’s also a little something coming up soon that I think this is the perfect venue for.

But anyway! These forums are organized around the main styles explored on the site, plus the Alice Project (because), with death pop folded in with metal because there just isn’t that much death pop. This is your place to share new stuff, recommend things, chat about news, beg or provide translation help or whatever else seems appropriate.

Before you go in, please familiarize yourself with the rules. I added a new one, too: No file sharing; I’m not equipped to deal with that, and I don’t feel like wading into that particular legal morass. I trust that you all can behave like respectful, responsible adults, yes?

Now have fun.