I Like This Change of Pace for CANDY GO!GO!

Did everybody else know about this single coming out from CANDY GO!GO! in like two weeks, and just didn’t tell me? Because that’s rude.

“CANDY” will be their third(?) major single, which isn’t bad considering, but is also kind of amazing when you look at their entire body of work (going back to 2010!) and persistent growth as a thing.

Also, where did like 40 percent of the members go? Being outlandishly large was always one of my favorite things about the group. But, skipping an obvious tie-in joke while saying so, Rin is still in charge and remains one of the more interesting people to have in your Twitter feed.

There’s an MV, too:

You may need a proxy; do yourself a favor and use it

That I get to write about this right on the heels of that new PiGU thing is funny; you could convince me that the two groups’ respective sheet music portfolios were jumbled up when their respective bumbling cocksure composers accidentally collided in a train station (distracted by an attractive person, possibly Rin in this scenario) and were too flustered by the embarrassment to notice that they were taking each other’s work!

Anyway, “CANDY” on the 28th, it’ll probably be just as good as their prolific norm, and then I have an excuse to reference Under Beasty twice in one day by saying that I hope they’re the next member of the agency to get out a record. Whee!