Your Homicidols Weekender #30

Happy weekend, everybody! Did you have a good week? Me, I’m glad that mine’s over. Kind of fortunately, there wasn’t a whole lot going on in the Idolverse compared to some other times in the past, so being astonishingly, hellaciously busy didn’t mean missing out too much.

The Fun is ongoing as usual, but it’s also that time of year when you should be looking toward doing stuff outside. Idol’s portable, you know? Take the playlists with you.

All Right, What Else?

Hauptharmonie had their final live last weekend. Sad. Their guests were, randomly, GANG PARADE and Party Rockets GT.

Their “Kidnapper Blues” video has 17,000+ views on YouTube, which is a great deal for most idols. I still can’t understand why this gloriously cool project couldn’t be continued.

The miraculous amiinA have their first EP coming out:

Pony up, patrons! Maybe you support on Patreon (thanks!), but some folks do much more difficult work than I do. For instance, the Anonymous Translator:

and also good friends of the show A-to-J Connections:

What a photo:

The Captain did an interview:

You can also now get BiSH sheet music:

These two things shouldn’t be allowed together:

Strawberry Syndrome!

The man himself:

Idol-on-idol crime:


YAMIAME’s Arisa, who you may remember from Mugen Regina and also Yannderu Ame when they still preferred that name, is going on hiatus:

Have a great weekend!

Saw this set last weekend; bucket list item crossed off, and Meth and I were even wearing the same hat!

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