I Find Things: Samitsu Misa

While trolling around Mugen Regina’s Twitter and looking for info that I thought I’d seen earlier, I did that “screw this, TRANSLATE” thing on one of the show schedules that idols are apparently honor-bound to tweet out constantly.

“I have no idea what ‘Samitsumisa’ is, better run those kana through Google,” I thought.

“Oh great, it literally just translates to ‘Samitsumisa’ and oh how cute that’s a Japanese palindrome. What if I plug these into YouTube?”

See, that’s how a Maniac thinks: Always trust YouTube.

I should think more.

I am now turning to a) Japanese speaker/readers and b) people who have a little more insider knowledge about this, because Samitsu Misa (Twitter) is apparently wonderful and I want her to wave “Creation and Destruction” flags and mechanics’ lights in my living room and perform alternatingly in funeral gowns and jeans-and-t-shirt (I didn’t know idols were allowed to do that!). Like, just this song on repeat. Forever.

I am, however, cross-linguistically literate enough to figure out that she’s part of what looks like a new agency of some sort? Dokodemo Project / Dokodemo Music, sort of like Trash-up Records, an alt scene/culture kind of thing. Neat. And there’s a sister solo performer, too, Tsukino Ramu, who looks like she’s going to debut basically any minute if she hasn’t already?

I’m sorry, I’m literally dying* for more.

*Don’t be silly. I’m dying because I live a horribly self-destructive lifestyle!

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