Hope Survives: HATEGLEAM’s Shooting Video

I like to pester HATEGLEAM from time to time about releasing more music; they got out an EP last year and are otherwise frustratingly quiet unless the topic is selling merch or the members playing Minecraft (using, no joke, a #HATECLAFT hashtag, damn it). I sometimes worry that the only outright band that I keep around might be too busy with other projects and video games to keep moving forward.

Well, at least for a minute, worry no longer!

“But I don’t even know who HATEGLEAM is, Maniac. Why should I care?”

Because the word “idolcore” was basically invented for them:

Happy Friday.

2 thoughts on “Hope Survives: HATEGLEAM’s Shooting Video

    • Honestly, I hinge my entire interpretation of their idolness on the fact that they’re so pointedly “anti-idol.” Okay, great, basically everybody who feels that way is, in fact, idol themselves, just Billie Idle-ing through it. Fantastic. But yeah, this is dangerously close to at least being a-band-with-idols more than idols-with-a-band, and might-be-a-band-period is possible.

      Whatevs, I love them.

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