You Find Things: Gensoshojo Doll

Big shot-out to @the59thsecond for sharing last night:

Do yourself a favor and listen to that song. “Oh, Maniac, what’s with you and the poppier stuff lately?” To that, I say, give this a couple of minutes to get where it’s going.

You can get more info on Gensoshojo Doll from their website, Twitter and Soundcloud. I just caution you that their other Soundcloud track is nice, but has all the thunder of a quaint December snow flurry. Also, their YouTube channel exists and currently contains only a single intro video that isn’t very exciting.

Two things that I think I like because I don’t know any better: Based on a weird Twitter run-around, I think this may actually be a reboot/re-brand before there was even a real original thing (so there’s hope yet for Cream n’ Chrome!); also, if that description on their profile page can actually be interpreted as “120% idol sweet enough to choke on,” please let that be so.

I Find Things: Samitsu Misa

While trolling around Mugen Regina’s Twitter and looking for info that I thought I’d seen earlier, I did that “screw this, TRANSLATE” thing on one of the show schedules that idols are apparently honor-bound to tweet out constantly.

“I have no idea what ‘Samitsumisa’ is, better run those kana through Google,” I thought.

“Oh great, it literally just translates to ‘Samitsumisa’ and oh how cute that’s a Japanese palindrome. What if I plug these into YouTube?”

See, that’s how a Maniac thinks: Always trust YouTube.

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I Find Things: Bakuon Dolls Syndrome

This “screaming girls syndrome” name kept popping up in all of those performers’ lists from the Lyric Holic & the Gang shows (which, damn, now I finally kind of get it), and I finally decided to see what was up with that. Hey you guys!

That’s good! Meet Bakuon Dolls Syndrome, Bakusyn, who seem to have appeared basically out of nowhere as far as the Tokyo scene goes, but are about two years old and, if their website is giving good information, have their roots in a spirits-lifting disaster recovery project? That’s nice. Or maybe they’re just now trying to grow? Their Twitter presence is a very light one for idols. Again, not having Japanese, this is a barrier.

That’s not as good!

I’m not even going to pretend to understand them, but now that I know that they run in the same circle as the cool kids, I can be on the lookout for more. Also, the top shirt, damn.

Album teaser?

I Find Things: Yandoll

Actually, technically, TGU found it, but who all else here looks at TGU regularly? That’s right.

Yandoll! Sick, suffering, angsty, pissed-off idols.

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