Oh Good, Now Coco Needs to Run a Solo Marathon

Stop Watanabe before he kills again:

This is technically happening as a result of her not-great finish in the WACK Election, but I like to think that this is punishment for the glorious stink-eye ol’ Coco gave the boss after the last(?) time GANG PARADE was forced to participate in a marathon spectacle. She is no doubt much pleased.

Also, given that Saki easy-breezy’ed her way through her FINISH ON TIME OR GET BOOTED FROM POP FOREVER thing, I can only imagine that the lure of her groupmates at the finish line (and likely plenty of clever camera work) will motivate the WACK Queen of Hengao to power through. Also, the children; do it for the children.

In no way should anybody be so crass as to suggest that these activities are in any way tied to the promotion of “BREAKING THE ROAD”, which drops two weeks later on the 23rd. Also that the title of said release and this particular activity have certain similarities! Total coincidence.

6 thoughts on “Oh Good, Now Coco Needs to Run a Solo Marathon

  1. When she did her appeal speech for the WACK election, Coco promised that if she got either 1st place or last(25th) place she would run a 100km marathon. As it turned out she ended up at 11th place, but at the end of GANG PARADE’s set at the Idol Koushien on 1/3, Coco announced that she’d run 100km anyway.

    I know it’s easy to want to blame Watanabe for everything but this time I actually think it doesn’t have anything to do with him.

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