I Bet I Can Get You to Watch This REGiNA KiSS Video

You know what, you guys? I’m not going to chide you for never looking at REGiNA KiSS when they (for they are very prolific) release new video, nor will I chide you for not listening to them when they release new music. It seems like nobody does! And that’s actually pretty criminal, if you ask me.

This is Kanna. She’s one of the three members of REGiNA KiSS. She’s a full-suite kind of idol, doing music here and also a lot of modeling. And, fittingly, she’s a pretty good singer:

I honestly can’t fathom how it is that a group of idols who crank out music and produce video at a steady clip, and who are actually good, have such a small base of support. Like, there are idols (looking in the direction of many right now, in fact) who can’t do any of the things that REGiNA KiSS does half as well as REGiNA KiSS does them, and said idols are umpteen times more popular. It’s madness.

Anyway, if I goaded you enough to click on that video, and you liked the result, I implore you to give more of their stuff a spin.