Queen of the Scene, Day 4

The day’s fighting is at an end, and our finalists for tomorrow’s action are set:

  • Aina the End
  • Yurapiko
  • Hanako-san
  • Sari

In the final TLC I Quit match in the WACK-Off … I’m afraid to report that Ayuni D may have found her true calling, and Pour Lui may be in the hospital for a while.

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Homicidol Maniac stands in the center of the ring, flanked by security guards in IDOL t-shirts. He looks nervous.

Welcome to the fourth day of Queen of the Scene! Or, should I say, welcome back to the arena after just a few hours’ worth of rest, because last night was incredible. That moment when Yuna and Su-metal double-eliminated each other, and then Aina started randomly kicking everybody else in the ring and nobody wanted to just get rid of Pour Lui and the referee got tired and went home? What a finish!

Also, I would like to comment on the investigation into Ten Tenko’s use of performance-enhancing substances. Let me tell you, she was doing a lot! She failed a piss test, a blood test, a hair test, DNA analysis and even a breathalyzer; basically, if Tenten could have been on it, she was on it.

And I applaud that kind of competitiveness! As a great man said, if you ain’t cheatin’, you ain’t tryin’.


“nerve” hits!

Please no.

Pour Lui struts to the ring, the smuggest smug that ever smugged across her face

“Homicidol Maniac, I told you! The people have spoken, other idols have spoken, and I’m–

Pour Lui, I swear, let me wrap up this bit so we can get to business. /clears throat So our current set of contestants looks a little weird. They are:

Current Standings

  • Aina the End: 170 pts
  • Ayuni D: 157 pts
  • Ten Tenko: 156 pts
  • Yurapiko: 150 pts
  • Pour Lui: 149 pts
  • Hanako-san: 140 pts
  • Imada Yuna: 140 pts
  • Sari: 130 pts
  • Su-metal: 129 pts

Eliminated Like Losers

  • Rinahamu
  • Pour Lui
  • Pan Luna Leafy
  • Momose Momo
  • KOTO
  • Kakizaki Risaki
  • Beni
  • Ano
  • Wakapiku

Yes, Pour Lui is back in. I told her that she needed to be top four, and she was. I also said that she’d get 50 points. I also-also said that everybody would get 10 points for everybody they outlasted in the ring. So, to avoid accidentally getting into a situation in which the thrice-eliminated Pour Lui somehow wound up in first place in the standings, I gave her a compromise. Lui, I swear it, I will get duct tape and wrap it around your entire head if I have to.

We do have a problem, though, and it’s that I made what should have been a neat cut for eight final-finalists right where there was a nice break in the point totals, aka right on Su-metal’s butt, but Lui gummed it up. We have nine! We also have three current members of the WACK family, which is unacceptable to me.

We’re going to have a final four-way competition to settle this tomorrow. For today, I know what I want to do.

The WACK-off

There are three of you. I’d like for there to be one. Aina the End, Ayuni D, Pour Lui — you’re going to face off in a triple-threat Three Levels of Hell match!

  • No DQ, no count-out, falls count anywhere; the first to 25 wins it
  • Escape the Cage! You’ll be locked together in a steel cage surrounded by chain-link fencing. The fan vote works backwards — they’ll vote for who they want to lose! The last to 20 is the first to have their feet hit the arena floor and escape
  • WHO DOESN’T LOVE A LITTLE TLC? Yes, you’re going tables, ladders and chairs in a double-bonus feature, an I Quit match; the lowest score at 25 quits and is the loser!

Whoever can claim the most falls at the end of this extravaganza moves on to tomorrow’s final. Pour Lui, stop complaining.

  • OH, OUR FIRST FALL OF THE MATCH! Aina the End showed no mercy in delivering a piledriver and 1-2-3 to Ayuni D while Pour Lui was busy trying to lead the crowd through the “nerve” dance!
  • AND THAT’S IT! Pour Lui knocked out Ayuni D with a tire iron that she sneaked into the ring, and Aina used the brief lull in the fighting to climb the cage and touch down — AINA THE END IS INTO THE FINAL!

Homicidol Maniac steps into the ring

What are you celebrating for, Aina? I said it was Three Levels of Hell, and three levels of hell is exactly what you’re about to get!

As for the rest of you …

Six-woman Survivor Series

… you’re being matched up together, with the winning team advancing. Oh, don’t give me that look; you and your fans have been fighting against each other this whole time; now it’s time to band together and support your side!

As your vacant expressions seem to indicate, you need an explanation. Fine: It’s three-on-three, so technically this goes to up to five falls. The lowest vote-getter every time the vote tally hits 20 is eliminated from the match, but the two teams continue to fight! It could be back-and-forth, it could wind up as a three-on-one — anything is possible. But the winning team is the one that still has at least one member standing at the end. Yes, even if only one of you finishes the match, all three members advance.

Pretty stupid, huh? Too bad! I MAKE UP THE RULES AS I GO!

Your teams are:

  • Team Noisy: Ten Tenko, Su-metal, Imada Yuna
  • Team Chika: Yurapiko, Sari, Hanako-san

When the poll resets, enter your new vote by clicking Change Vote at the bottom of the widget!

Team Chika loses Hanako-san!
Wow! Team Chika gets revenge for the loss of Hanako-san by dual-suplexing Su-metal and scoring the pin! Su-metal is out!
Down goes Sari — only Yurapiko is left to face the Electric Twins, Ten Tenko and Yuna!
Looks like Tenten’s PED cocktail wore off — we’re down to Yuna vs. Yura for the chance to take their team to the final!

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  1. But wait, it was a three levels of hell match, but Aina already won the first two levels, and if I’m reading correctly, “Whoever can claim the most falls at the end of this extravaganza moves on to tomorrow’s final.” She already claimed two of three falls, so is already in the finals, no? Is this third hell level just for fun?

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