I Am Just All about This AIBECK Song

I wish I had all the time in the world to dig into this post, but time is alas short and I’m going to share this with about half of the commentary that it warrants: AIBECK, long a weekender stable thanks to their copious live video output but rarely one to wind up getting the full post treatment because … this was the last one, actually. Semiannual feature appearances aren’t uncommon among the most chika idols of the homi variety, but I always thought that AIBECK, with their “Idol Counter Attack” thing and BILLIE IDLE-esque insistence on being something beyond idol, would have been more of a catch-on.

At the very least, maybe this new tune will get you onto the bandwagon:

You need to wait for the chorus

Even a dozen times into playing it, that drop gets me every time. If I were a parent, I’d compare it to witnessing birth, then having a maudlin montage of key life moments — first steps! birthday cake! Little League! fishing with Uncle Frank! — unfold to a soundtrack of pure treacly sentimentalism. Which isn’t what the song is, no, the song honestly gave me the same forward-churning reminiscence of the baroque as I usually get out of amiinA, with that big swell a punctuation mark. Of course it’s riddled with the familiar marks of chika idol rock, too, but it’s got all the legitimate hallmarks of something impactful.

Well done, AIBECK.