PiGU’s New Single Is Good, But the Promo Is Bonkers

I feel like I’ve been giving PiGU a lot of love lately, but this is what happens when you’re active and fun. For instance, just a week ago we got to look at the MV for one of the tracks on their new maxi single, and it was pretty far from the expected, but that’s okay; the A-side or whatever is available on their website, too.

It’s the teaser they released late last week that should really get your attention.

No matter what you think it’s about, there’s always one thing that kind of ruins that outlook

But that’s not all that’s going on.

I cited the website, and look at the banner for this post: Once again, PiGU has a different official membership, which you can kind of get explained here. So now the POP iD Cafe’s resident entertainment staff has three primary members, plus two members in their own trainee/subunit called PiGU NEXT that looks like it’s also considered part of PiGU proper, and then they have a three-member trainee thing (or is that graduates? I can’t tell). Idol group membership can be a volatile thing, but PiGU was hyping their four-member alignment literally last week.

This tweet helps … somewhat?

And with all that being said, here’s a completely different setup from this past weekend’s live:

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