So in the Great Idol Purge of 2019, one of the key casualties for lovers of the dreamy pop sound and highly ambitious multimedia art projects was HAMIDASYSTEM, my personal Idol of the Year for 2018 and a growing presence among the I-like-good-things set. The announcement was a really sad one — how could this just up and go away? we cried through gnashed teeth.

Well, as it turns out, we might need to re-tool those expectations just a little bit, because it seems like the result is more of a “oh okay, neat” than a “/throws self into traffic”.

First up! HAMIDASYSTEM, or something called that, is, uh, kind of sticking around:

Or, more specifically, HAMIDASYSTEM2, currently seeking members for an April debut!

Also seeking auditions? A new group that already comprises FLAME, AMEBA and SODA, and yes, it’s not only the same company, but the same producer:

But I’ll miss BEET the most!

So that about rounds it out! After so much consternation, it’s more like an overall overhaul, a re-tooling of assets and an expansion of the company’s offerings. Kind of like when the McRib comes out once in a while, only completely different!

Let’s reward ourselves with some live: