You’ll Melt More!’s Latest Is Like Going Right into Their World

I’m glad that I skipped sharing their latest Mannequin Challenge video, because You’ll Melt More! got themselves a real and proper MV out for the release of the discopsychadelica EP:

The song is just called “Yeah”, basically, (no it isn’t; see comments) and it’s a fine song in the general YMM tradition, but it’s written by Oomori Seiko, who suddenly feels all over the idolverse in that writer’s role.

I’m not going to spell out the approach here — you do have eyes and ears, do you not? — except to say that it’s cool and feels fairly genuine (for idol) and, while I’m not going to hang the song from my YMM-should-be-at-Coachella banner, the whole presentation does kind of back up the idea that the overall creative with this group is something to be admired, even dreaded.

Also, just imagine walking into a karaoke booth as these weirdos were leaving. I’d probably just walk right the hell out myself.

4 thoughts on “You’ll Melt More!’s Latest Is Like Going Right into Their World

  1. Not to be some kind of jerk always correcting you about stuff, but jisho says that unmei (the title of this song) means fate or destiny. I’m guessing you probably used google translate?

    • You can be that guy! I ran it through Google and RomajiDesu and they all gave me the same result. I figured that it wasn’t right, but I’m also not in a great position to do that correction myself. But I can now, thank you.

  2. I always think I’m not *that* into YLMM, but I am always extremely into it when when they release a new song. They’re just so, so good.

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