Can We Get Some Kind of Agreement on Honey Emperor?

I feel like I’ve known about this group for a long time, and it’s definitely since November, and here I am and it’s almost June and I still don’t know if I want to do anything. Like, you know how something can overwhelm you? This whelms me. Nonetheless, I am not the ultimate arbiter of anything, not even my own meal choices, so please don’t take my blase attitude as anything more than one Maniac’s opinion. Judge for yourself.

I am very curious to see where other folks stand here. Honey Emperor on the web, Twitter.

9 thoughts on “Can We Get Some Kind of Agreement on Honey Emperor?

  1. I’m gonna have to agree with you on the “whelm”ing…it’s…OK. I for sure wouldn’t complain if someone turned this on in the car, or if it was part of a performance between sets of bands I really wanted to see. The sound isn’t bad, the dancing isn’t bad, but it is very standard feeling (which I feel slightly bad saying, the girls look like they are trying their best). I get the bee theme with the outfits…but honestly, they are just distracting more than anything. Tone down the foof and it’d be an improvement.

    All in all, based on just that video, I’d grade it a rock-steady C.

  2. Is it possible that the lukewarm response your experiencing is due, in part, to a “saturated” feeling. We suppose that the inevitable endgame (of this first wave) won’t be fully realized until all species in the animal kingdom are represented in musical form.

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