Homicidols.com’s First Published Retractions Are for the Friday Fun #IncorrectIdolQuotes

What do you mean it’s Friday already!? There hasn’t even been an oshi graduation toda– oh, oh wait. Sorry, Brian.

ANYWAY, did you see my appearance on A-to-J’s podcast this week? Also, BiS League started! Let us look at your predictions?

In a fandom where half of us have no idea what our faves are talking about, it’s very easy for them to be misquoted on certain topics. Which means its also easy to make up fake quotes for shits and giggles and possibly confuse a bunch of people! Observe:

No, no, Riko is not actually Piers Morgan, thank god. But I thought “Hey, this could be fun this week” in my numb, half-asleep state. It probably isn’t, but screw it.

This week, you’ve got to give fake, totally incorrect quotes and credit them to a bunch of idols. Just make sure you use #IncorrectIdolQuotes so nobody gets confused and possibly angry, ok?