Your Homicidols Weekender #105

Happy Saturday! Does everybody get a chance to have something approaching an actual weekend? I ask because I increasingly don’t anymore, and it’s driving me crazy. Yeah, a change in my personal social prospects contributed, but the fact that I don’t have a prayer of spending a larger part of a blustery day like today working up savory foods and enjoying idol and stuff, not anymore, that sucks. Instead, it’s either a combination of chores and social obligations, or I legitimately just plain have to keep working.

My point is, enjoy this stuff while you have it. The Weekender ain’t all of it. Homicidols Dotcom isn’t all of it. Explore and go on fantastic journeys of discovery. Suck up other media. Let YouTube recommended things to you until you’re blue in the face. Oh, and of course play the Fun.

And wish me luck. I’m about to go fix a car thing that I’ve never had to fix before.

These Anecdotes Though

A new single (the first?!) from EMPIRE:

Here’s this thing to build on that thing from 143:

And another track from Pure White Canvas:

Come on, uijin, give us more than just a nice pro-shot one of these days:

TFW you only get to post about BANZAI JAPAN when they’re playing in the West, and when someone graduates:

What #YuraSmile hath wrought:

XTEEN live, why not?

The next BILLIE IDLE single will cost next to nothing:

The making of that PINKYCASE video:

Whoooooole lotta Tears:

New album from Koutei Camera Girl Drei:

Idol in Focus

There will be no Idol in Focus this week because this week was awful! Everything’s either not being released, or people are graduating. Bad week.


Malcolm Mask McLaren finally got around to putting tracks from their last single on Soundcloud six months late; here’s the B-side:

And have we mentioned their new album? I don’t remember:

The WACK family tour you’ve been waiting for:

It’s been a few weeks, so here’s KINGRAGE in the longest and strangest live digest I’ve ever seen:

This GANG PARADE live performance, though:

When legends collide for a legendary song:

The Boss has a message for you:

Have a great weekend!

In honor of Melon

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