The Last Two REGiNA KiSS Videos Demonstrate Why You Should Be Paying Attention

Okay, I think REGiNA KiSS is done with the IDOL SHREDDER promos now — it’s been almost a week since the last MV they put out — so let’s round back on the last two, which just so happen to be the best ones, and prove a lot of things but mostly just prove that you should be listening to this project because you’re ostensibly here because you like idols and loud music!

I’m actually sharing these in reverse chronology because that’s the best way to do a crescendo in this case. So first:

That’s a good song! In a vacuum, I could be tempted to say that it’s the best one on the album, and then go on a long-ass commentary about how idol+band isn’t always going to work for everybody, but that stuff like this (and really the whole album) is proof of concept, that it’s something that can and does clearly work when done well and right, and people should be happy and then to prove it they should go out and buy IDOL SHREDDER.

But then I’d be ignoring this one!

/long exhale

Look, this is the best thing that REGiNA KiSS, in this iteration or before, on this album or otherwise, has ever done, and they do have some annoyingly underappreciated gems in their history. And what’s extra interesting is that this isn’t the one to prove any concept about idol+band! It’s just a really good song that anybody who likes rock music with an edge should appreciate, regardless of who’s on vocals, because there’s nary a trace of idol anywhere in this save for the singers’ personal histories.

This all makes me very happy. The whole album is very good and should be finding its way into your collection if you know what’s good for you!