Your Homicidols Weekender #221

Good morning! I don’t have a whole lot to say by way of intro because I want to do most of the work in the next post that just so happens to be a milestoner, so I’ll refrain from the observances. Instead, let’s acknowledge the we get the rare weekend Valentine’s Day this year … while in the middle of an unrelenting pandemic and the dead of (northern hemisphere) winter with various assaults by cold and ice in the mix. DID YOU SEE WHAT HAPPENED IN TEXAS! People shouldn’t be allowed to drive. If you’re valentinesing it this weekend, have fun and be safe.

And now to avoid getting too deep into reflections and stuff, let’s get to it!

Abrupt Shifts Are the Work of Lazy Minds


WAGAMAMARAKIA getting excellent reaction reviews!

Things are looking up for 2021; Maniac actually likes a ZOMBIE POWDER song:

Things are also looking up for MANACLE!

This is probably the best thing Anne Aeoli ever did:

Taking the Erisu challenge?

This is the worst documentary I’ve ever seen, Pimm’s!

Sharing just to make sure we’re all in agreement that ZOC’s Budokan show was probably amazing:

This is a live clip of SHINGEKI playing in front of a crowd that looks entirely too large under the circumstances:

Ah, Osaka Shunkashuto has evolved into their final form, no longer requiring even a single vocalist!

I had sincerely wanted to do a whole-ass post about this Re:INCARNATION MV and then didn’t, so:

Prepare for more new PEDRO, AYUNi D stans:

There is no act called “idol” in the world as good as Dance for Philosophy and if you think otherwise you have a terrible opinion and should be punished for it:

Spicy-ass take: this umpteenth iteration of BiS is in plural ways probably the best version of the group ever:

Ano’s latest single gets a bonus point for stealing so liberally from You’ll Melt More’s lyrics:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is First Summer Uika, the Word Made Flesh herself, who may or may not be idol per se in her new solo career, but is going to be talked about here because she idoled for like, ever, and made a huge impact and deserves to be considered for our own version of a Mount Rushmore — Mount Idolmore, if you will. We got our first glimpse at that solo career this week:

Though of course her first kinda-full-length appearance as a solo artist was this supporting spot for MAMESHiBA NO TAiGUN for their major debut, no less:

I am so excited for Uipon. Consider this the moment when I named her Oshi Emeritus because I just thought to do it. Boom.

Obligatory NEO JPAONISM:

Sugarpills managed to sneak this past me:

This is the only time and place when Homicidols Dot Com goes all the way in on other good idol things … like this one from NEO BREAK!

There is a new NightOwl lineup as of two nights ago:

Similarly Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da showed off new artist photos, but much more interesting is that they created the birthday tweet that I would personally be so honored to receive that I might owe the person who sent it on my behalf a blood debt:

And little sisters out with the EP of solo tunes:

One of these days, you guys are going to embrace POPPiNG EMO:

I was only just the other day alerted to the existence of this now month-old drop by 15GERM that is quite enjoyable:

Oh wow, Weekender’s over … want some RILISREVERSE?

Have a great weekend!

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  1. Oshi status is like the “Madden Curse” so maybe Oshi Emeritus is the only safe course of action. What are ya gonna do? Disband Billie Idle again?!

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