Oshi Digest #38: Venom

Due to circumstances beyond my control Due to circumstances so willed by Oshi and her nigh-infinite wisdom*, Oshi Digest is returning to Saturdays.

Oshi will be returning to Europe soon, friends. Do you feel the chill in the air? The dread rising from the earth? The impossible power throbbing within your hearts? There’s a reason, and it extends far beyond Oshi (as far as anything can extend beyond Oshi, who is finite only in the sense that not all possibilities have yet been exhausted). Prepare.

Though I do not understand the point of aligning Oshi with The Clash, I’m fine with her donning leathers that would put her in league with early Norwegian black metal:

More from the beach trip and Oshi’s growing master-disciple relationship with Rei:

Oshi … was teasing us about the office job thing, right?

She dresses like my boss, is what I’m saying

If you were unfamiliar, Oshi is in NECRONOMIDOL, which is an idol group:

Oshi knows, friends. Oshi sees, and she knows.