Here’s How to Get PassCode’s “ZENITH” Album

The hype machine is getting a pretty good warmup over the past week, you guys, as PassCode prepares their fans for their first major-label album:

It’s up for pre-order now, but the real winner there is the tracklist (I particularly like how exactly one song in 12 is titled in kana, but then explained in English in a parenthetical) and the implications from the DVD, which will include MVs for “ONE STEP BEYOND” (which sounds sick and is undoubtedly the lead for this) and “Same to you,” which I’m guessing is this album’s ballady number.* I’m also digging that this is mostly new, original material; with two singles and, what, five songs out since joining Universal, it’d be easy to just lean back on that for this album release, but there’s clear confidence in the material.

If you’re going to participate in the Japanese campaign, here are the details:

Basically, buy it on Japanese iTunes, tweet a photo using that hashtag, potentially win a poster. Neat. I never win these things, so good luck to you all.

The full version of ONE STEP BEYOND is also on Spotify, but it was busted when I tried to access it earlier, so your mileage may vary:

TY to Sebastian in the Idolmetal group!

(Update: See below; definitely available via Deezer)

And now that all of that is out of the way, allow me to implore you, PassCode, to please now retroactively because you’re definitely already done with the studio work employ a suitable level of diversity here; we want to see what all else you can do, rather than just go back over familiar ground and keep re-writing the same song a dozen times.


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