Here’s Candye Syrup Putting It All on the Table for Their First Reboot Single

When we last left Candye Syrup, it was … wow, it was actually a little while ago. That’ll happen when you completely reboot your project, I guess. And of course there was already plenty of material for the group to work with, so no real hurry to absolutely get more songs out there. Take your time, build up the members, keep those fans engaged, and then hit ’em with your best shot.*

But it’s time! The first (digital-only, I think) single from the new Candye Syrup is here and appropriately titled and definitely worth the click:

/Giggles with glee

I wasn’t always the biggest supporter of the original Candye Syrup — the music was a little too hit-or-miss for my tastes, and I tend to think that going in on a look like yume-kawaii (and/or its dark side) requires a certain overall commitment that I didn’t see there. This, though, this is all the best of that, random and brutal and idol. It’s just one song, but it’s the right one song at this point.

It even has the transition that I can’t ever adequately describe, so I just call it the Idolcore Break, have mercy

The first one-man is still a few months away, so expect to hear and see more of the group before then. You can also use this, uh, promo thing!

*And now enjoy having that one in your head for the rest of the day!

3 thoughts on “Here’s Candye Syrup Putting It All on the Table for Their First Reboot Single

  1. Saw them the other day, I was expecting to be disappointed but they were actually really good.

  2. never seen the original, but seen the reboot a fiew times and they are great indeed. but i must say i like them live a lot better than the studio recording.

    • Should clarify I saw the original a few times which is why I thought it would be disappointing.

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