Your Wota-ing Guide to NECRONOMIDOL in London

Show of hands: Who’s going to see Necroma tonight? It’s a lot of you! That’s friggin’ awesome. You’re lucky ducks, and I’m incredibly jealous, especially because this was shaping up to be The Year When Maniac Saw a Lot of His Favorite Idols, but things didn’t quite work out with NSLE and I don’t have the means to go all the way to Europe, so on we wait.

But you’re going! Or maybe you’d like to be vicariously going, and you’d like to be prepared for that incredible moment in time when Necroma will be right in front of you on stage. Either way, you don’t want to make an ass of yourself — these are idols! In fact, they are idols of pure darkness! You don’t just attend an idol live*, you join an idol live.

Fortunately, the admin of the NECRONOMIDOL subreddit put together a handy little wotaguide for tomorrow (and for Paris and the rest of the future! and also technically the whole tour but I didn’t notice it until Terry shared it!) that you should peruse, potentially even practice a little bit while watching a Necroma live, like the one right here!

All things to keep in mind. So tonight, or if you happen to catch them in Paris, remember to have fun and help the members have some fun, too. And if you happen to see Kerrie and Krv, give ’em a high five.

*Present company excluded; no offense to anybody, but I’m way too introverted to get down like that with strangers, at least before I’m amusingly drunk

3 thoughts on “Your Wota-ing Guide to NECRONOMIDOL in London

  1. Their holiday snaps of Italy have been lovely. If this whole idol thing goes down the tubes for them, they could get a job with the Italian tourist board.

  2. Was there last night, one of the best shows I’ve seen. Been following Necroma since just before Etranger came out and never would have expected them to be here in the UK, so pretty damn stoked.

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