Here’s a Totally New Thing That’s Totally Worth It: ASTROMATE

It turns out that Terry was just as late-night post-making the other day as I was, and bless him because there was no way in hell I was going to follow up on anything of less than the utmost importance. Like, following idols gets to be kind of a grind sometimes — there’s only so much of what you come across that you really, truly want to keep up with, and only so much of that that you can stay invested in. Hell, I have a fancy idol website, and it’s friggin’ exhausting!

The point is: Thank you, Terry; I think I’m going to pay attention to this one:

That’s ASTROMATES (Twitter). The song, their first single, is very appropriately titled “ASTRO”, which also makes me think of The Jetsons and now I want to track down that not-great theatrical feature from my youth, the one with the alien love interest of Judy and whatnot. Tangents!

ASTROMATE is new. How new? Like, formed no more than a month ago, that new. You may have also noticed that they have an outsized number of followers and video views for such a new project. The reason? We got ourselves some of those fancy agency idols, friends. That probably means that they’ll be hit or miss when it comes to rocking little tunes like the above, but hey, you take what you can get.

2 thoughts on “Here’s a Totally New Thing That’s Totally Worth It: ASTROMATE

  1. The name in combination with that opening riff made me think of this:

    Do you think they took some inspiration? Obviously it’s extremely idorockified, but still…
    I always thought “dream thrash” would combine well with idols and i have a standing bet with a friend that there will be something in that vein on the next BABYMETAL album. ;p

    • I’m agreeing with you in principle (they did From Dusk Til Dawn, just take the next step), but also thanking you for giving me a playlist to grind out the rest of today.

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