And Now an ASTROMATE MV to Bolster Your Day

I’ve lately taken to playing the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist at the gym. Part of it is that I’m lazy in ways that would offend polite society and often don’t feel like going to the trouble of downloading new music; a more germane part, though, is that I’ve lately taken to a new cardio regimen that leaves me in lots of long, lonely, otherwise quiet bouts of activity with naught by my thoughts, so I may as well put on some video, you know? And what better than that woefully outdated, in-terrible-need-of-updating collection of the most exemplary things in almost a decade of loudol?

It’s a trip down Memory Lane, ultimately, getting to reacquaint with music and videos that I, once upon a smitten time, held lovingly in my hands while forming a mental model for what loud idol should look and sound like. Gnarly guitars and slinky synths and way too much percussion and hooks big enough to catch a tuna? Feed me, Seymour!

And so, when this new one from ASTROMATE popped up this morning (thanks Andrew!), I was perfectly situated to enjoy it for its greatest strengths and bask in its perhaps-inadvertent celebration of that legacy: Continue reading

Here’s a Totally New Thing That’s Totally Worth It: ASTROMATE

It turns out that Terry was just as late-night post-making the other day as I was, and bless him because there was no way in hell I was going to follow up on anything of less than the utmost importance. Like, following idols gets to be kind of a grind sometimes — there’s only so much of what you come across that you really, truly want to keep up with, and only so much of that that you can stay invested in. Hell, I have a fancy idol website, and it’s friggin’ exhausting!

The point is: Thank you, Terry; I think I’m going to pay attention to this one:

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