Yeah, mikicco, You Kick That Song’s Ass

I wish that I had more time to do this song justice, but I don’t, so we’re going shortform and let’s deal with the aftermath later, and also structure sentences so as not to stomp all over the idol’s preferred name rendering.

You remember mikicco, right? Mikitsuko Mikikko. Solo indie idol, pretty good at her craft, doesn’t do a ton of releases and that’s fine, what she does release is good? She has a brand-new MV, and in fact a couple of them, but let’s start with today!

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Hanako-san Is the Demon We Never Knew We Always Needed

It’s been so long since we last got some new material from the unofficial mascot of that I was starting to think that she wasn’t ever going to give us fresh music, but the gods smiled upon us this day.

I’ll warn you, when you see the title, your brain may immediately go to Babymetal, and you may be expecting a power metal romantic epic that takes you on an emotional journey about swords and moons and stuff. In fact, I recommend that you set your expectations in precisely that direction before you hit play on this puppy:

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There Will Be a New Babymetal Album After All

Kind of!

The pending existence of a Live from Wembley DVD (great show!) has been known for some time (to be released just in time for the holiday season!), but now they’re doing us all one better and putting out a CD version of the same.

Management would like for you to be very excited about this

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I’m Afraid of What This Zenkimi MIXCD Is All About

Oh neat, Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da just announced the release of a MIXCD (I’m guessing a collection of prior releases mixed up and/or remixes of said things) “There’s no sense!” on Oct. 26.

Click through. The track list and other details are within, and they’re great. I mean, you do want “WORLD eND CRISIS” on a disk, right?

But that’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Continue reading

Score Me One of These

You lucky ducks in Japan, if you happen by Cure’s next show:

I’ll even pay for it!