Ha-has in the Heartbreak for This Week’s Friday Fun

Oh no! I thought it was much earlier in the week than it actually was and now I’ve got to pull something out of thin air! Or, I could be lazy and let #2018IdolPredictions go on another week, but is that cheap? But last week’s predictions were really really good!

Now, let’s see… what recent events in idol have been on my mind that I can exploit for a weekend hashtag?

If you follow me on Twitter, then you’re likely aware of the latest idol loss that has gotten me freaking out even more than the SiScourse, even more than Guso Drop ruining Splatoon 2 release day; My Hello! Project kamioshi, ANGERME space queen Aikawa Maho, who previously cameoed in past Homicidols articles, has officially graduated after a year of being on sick leave for panic disorder. I am not okay. How can I make this fun?

Let’s come up with stupid reasons for an idol to graduate or disband!

Now, obviously, an illness as serious as panic disorder is not a dumb reason to graduate at all. But there’s got to be more ridiculous reasons! One could argue that things like the dating ban and whatever happened to Zenkimi are stupid reasons, but go bigger. What could be the weirdest, stupidest or funniest reason for a graduation or disbandment?

Tweet us with the hashtag #WorstReasonsToGraduate and pray for my broken wota heart.

Special bonus! Garry had a great Babymetal-ripping tag earlier in the week … and it’s still not too late to get in on it!