Nope, SiS Was Just an Epic Troll Job?


I guess all that other stuff was just …

There’s more to this. Somehow. Right?

8 thoughts on “Nope, SiS Was Just an Epic Troll Job?

  1. …you say that like I can read Japanese. It looks like my ability to decypher it is about on par with Google Translate this morning, though. In other words, not a word of it.

    • Quick version: SiS broke the rules at their show by doing BiS covers and offending JxSxK, and are being disbanded.

      I just look at it as, there’s no way they did anything on that stage that wasn’t okayed all the way up, and WACK doesn’t just flush away money.

      • Um, no that’s not what the tweets say at all…
        There’s absolutely nothing about them doing BiS covers in those tweets.
        The tweets say that Shimizu, the group’s manager/director somehow did something that was a “severe breach of trust” towards SiS and its activities, which is why the decision was made to cease activities. The second tweet is Shimizu “apologising”.

  2. I was wondering if that “severe breach of trust” was a mistranslation of “u got punk’d.” If not, that’s a pretty ominous term, what with that one idol manager in the news recently for severely breaching his own trust in the van while the girls were sleeping :\
    I hope this isn’t the end of SiS. In one form or another, we need them! They’ll be the idol group that sounds awful but -unlike BiS- they’ll have an excuse that they didn’t pass the audition 😛

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